Buffalo Skin Snacks

Buffalo hide 1If, like me, you've wondered what the strips of dried animal hide, being sold at markets and by the side of the road, are for... They are dried Buffalo Hide. To prepare them, do as follows:

1/. Throw them in the embers of a fire, or in burning charcoal until they have 2, 3, or 4 mm of charred crust on the exterior surfaces.

2/. Beat them with a stout piece of wood untill the charred exterior is gone, this also softens the hide up a little.

3/. Once denuded of any char, you may slice then into small pieces, which are then eaten as a snack, usually with beer. Very chewy, but a tasty snack, salt may be added if desired.

See below photos.

Buffalo hide 2  Buffalo hide 3  Buffalo hide 4